King Cakes

About Our King Cakes

You can't do the Mardi Gras Mambo without a Gambino's king cake. We've been the "King of King Cakes" since 1949 for a reason. These king cakes are made by hand fresh daily with a sweet, special recipe Danish dough and infused with cinnamon swirls throughout. The king cakes are then iced with our classic fondant icing and topped with purple, green and gold sugar. You can make your king cake even better by choosing your favorite filling flavor. We hand stuff and bake in the fillings to give you the best stuffed king cake in town, and the cakes taste even better than these mouth watering pictures. Have fun with your family when you get to decorate the shipped king cake. We ship and bake King Cakes year-round. All of our King Cake packages include a special edition Mardi Gras poster with a history of the King Cake. Whoever find the baby baked inside buys the next one!